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lausd - bulletins
Adobe PDF icon BUL - 054698

Removal of Obsolete, Surplus, and/or Damaged Textbooks, Library Books, and Instructional Materials

Adobe PDF icon BUL - 1376

Procedures for reporting textbook concerns

Adobe PDF icon BUL - 5509.3

Restitution procedures for the loss or damage of school property

PDF file icon BUL - 6210.1

Targeting the purchase of textbooks for grades K-12

Adobe PDF icon BUL - 6111.2

Instructional Materials Policies and School Site Procedures

Adobe PDF icon BUL - 6189.2

Instructional Materials Inventory Control Requirements in All School

lausd - memorandum
PDF file icon MEM - 043378.0

Selection of Textbooks for High School Mathematics Elective Courses and High School History/Social Science Courses

PDF file icon MEM - 6489: Attachments A - B - High School

Selection of Textbooks for Algebra I, Algebra II Geometry

PDF file icon MEM - 6485

Selection of Mathematics Textbooks for Grades TK - 5

PDF file icon MEM - 6772

Selection of Textbooks for Core Integrated ELA/ELD, Core Composition, Advanced Placement, and Selected ELA Electives

PDF file icon MEM - 6807 Attachment A-1, Attachment A-2, Attachment B, Attachment C

Selection Procedures for English Language Arts/English Language Development Textbook Programs for Grades TK/K-5/6

lausd - reference guides
PDF file icon REF - 054697

Transfer of Obsolete Mathematics Textbooks and Related Materials to District Warehouse

Adobe PDF icon REF - 6312.4

Certification of Instructional Materials Sufficiency, Elementary Schools

Adobe PDF icon REF - 6313.4

Certification of Instructional Materials Sufficiency, Secondary Schools

PDF file icon REF - 6707.1

Transfer of Obsolete English Language Arts (Elementary and Secondary) and English Language Development Textbooks and Related Materials to District Warehouse